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Volume 23 • Issue 2 • 2023

About this Journal

Language Documentation and Description (LDD) is an international journal that publishes peer-reviewed research on language documentation, language description, and language support, broadly conceived.

LDD publishes general Research Articles on the theory and practice of language documentation, language description, sociocultural aspects of language use and linguistic research, language policy, language revitalization, and related topics. The journal has a focus on small, minority, and endangered languages.

Articles in LDD’s Language Contexts series offer detailed information on the contexts in which languages or varieties are spoken, covering topics such as speaker populations, social organization, cultural features, linguistic ecology, multilingualism, language vitality, and language use and transmission in the community, diaspora, and digital sphere.

Articles in the journal’s Language Snapshots series provide compact overviews of one or more languages or varieties, with up-to-date information on the language, its speakers, and current research activity. (NOTE: The journal is no longer accepting individual Language Snapshot submissions.)

Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the editor, Lise Dobrin, with queries or proposals for special issues, Language Snapshot collections, or review articles.

Latest News Posts

LDD no longer accepting individual Language Snapshot submissions
Posted by Lise Dobrin on 2024-07-22

LDD has made the decision to discontinue the Language Snapshots series in its present form. The journal will no longer be accepting individual Language Snapshot submissions. However, the journal WILL continue to consider proposals for collections of snapshots on sets of languages that are related in some interesting way (genealogically, areally, typologically, etc.). Please contact the editor to [...]

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LDD now hosted on the Janeway platform
Posted by LDD Editors on 2024-02-07

A note for authors, editors, and reviewers of LDD: This journal has recently migrated from another platform. As a part of that process, accounts were migrated and you are required to set a new password if you have not already done so. Please visit the Login page to request a password reset.

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LDD mourns the loss of Bernard Spolsky
Posted by LDD Editors on 2023-12-06

Bernard Spolsky was an eminent scholar of language education and language policy, and a longtime LDD editorial board member. Read more about his contributions to LDD on EL Blog here.

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